I was recommended to Boatshed by a friend. In these strange times of Covid 19 I needed to place my boat on sale knowing I would be unable to be present due to travel restrictions (My home is in France). Therefore it was important to have full confidence in the agent. I arranged a meeting with Samantha at the boat when she explained terms and conditions and gave a global estimate as to market value and advertising. From there, Samantha created video and PowerPoint presentation and we met once more in the open at the boat yard to sign contracts. Boatshed has made monthly reports of viewing through social media and informed me of people who have made several viewings. The initial six months of contract was ending as was winter. I exchanged emails with Samantha and considered entering Boatshed Auction which in fact did not happen as Samantha informed me of an offer. This was followed through with a survey for the purchaser and an agreed price confirmed between the purchaser and me. Samantha has handled all at distance for me including the bill of sale, and eventual electronic payments direct to my bank account. I can now recommend Samantha and the Boatshed service. My only reservation was the fixed minimum commission which was explained from the outset. This would mean that owners of older and lower valued boats would not find Boatshed’s terms necessarily very attractive.

- A.C. Gosport Boat Yard | Boatshed Portsmouth

Anne and John Hello Gary, We were very happy with the way things went yesterday, as you could probably tell at the time; even the drive home was painless. Fleighty is exactly as you described her - which is just what we had hoped for. We can now look forward to the summer !!

- Hello Gary, We were very happy with the way things went yesterday, as you could probably tell at the time; even the drive home was painless. Fleighty is exactly as you described her - which is just what we had hoped for. We can now look forward to the su | Boatshed Norfolk

You have made such an amazing start and the photos and videos are a wonderful touch.

- Martin, March 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Just purchased a Bavaria 34 from Boatshed, Tim has been amazing through out the whole process very transparent and honest with us, I highly recommend Boatshed and will use them myself if I ever wanted to sell the boat again, see you around the marina Tim.

- Lorraine, March 20 | Boatshed Brighton

The thanks are all mine, the boat would not have been sold without your attention and assistance throughout what has been very strange period of our history.

- Mike Chapman - March 2021 | Boatshed IOW

The documents arrived today. Many thanks for an easy and professional transaction and I will be happy to recommend yourselves to anyone I know looking for a boat etc.

- Killian, Fjord 30 buyer (March 2021) | Boatshed Plymouth

You did a fine job for us...and after seeing the broker's performance in Plymouth, it re-enforced how much care you put into our sale...you worked at it .

- Julian, March 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

I was very pleased with the first class professional service provided by Tim Kingston and Dan King, who successfully found a buyer for my boat, within a reasonable timeframe, and secured a sale price which I considered to be fair and appropriate. I would have no hesitation in recommending this firm.

- Kathleen, March 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Tim and Dan were BEYOND helpful and super responsive. They went above and beyond for our family when we got ourself in a bit of a pickle with a boat and needed help to know what to do. We will from here on out use Boatshed for all our sales and purchases after working with this exceptional team.

- Kirby, March 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Hi Tim, just wanted to say I'm loving your clear passion and enthusiasm for the Boatshed Brighton business. It's great to see someone who loves what they do and generates that passion.

- Ben, Jan 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

I am very pleased with the service provided by you both and with the outcome regarding the sale of XXX. I would happily recommend you company to any one in a similar situation to myself.

- Kathleen, March 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

You guys set the standard for the industry. Phenomenal job.

- Lolz, March 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Just to say thanks for help getting the boat sorted. You were a pleasure and professional to deal with over the rest ! I may tidy up a sell and if I do I'll be back to see you !

- Paul Horrocks | Boatshed Yorkshire

I just want to thank you and Rory for all your hard work in getting x sold. Great service and information flow.

- Gary, February 2021 | Boatshed Palma

Sam has just facilitated the sale of my boat and from start to finish was superb service. I liked her honest approach and that she did the best for both parties to strike a fair deal. I would definitely use her again and would happily recommend her.

- Rob, Portsmouth Harbour | Boatshed Portsmouth

This was a private sale with Boatshed being introduced to help formalise the completion late into the cycle. The owner and the buyer were both new to selling and buying boats - and I do not believe we would have reached an agreement without Boatshed’s involvement. On a second hand boat there is none of the certainty related to a new boat purchase. The survey can and did throw a spanner in the works. There are so many aspects to the sale ranging from financial to technical and emotional it is a real skill to bring both parties together and complete. Whilst the broker represented the seller I also felt that my point of view was properly represented and we ended-up with a fair result all round.

- James, Portsmouth Harbour | Boatshed Portsmouth

Absolutely seamless and pain free experience buying this boat. Thanks very much Sam, it is clear that you have done this before. I would highly recommend.

- Gary | Boatshed Port Solent

Carlton, January 2021

- The 360-degree video tour was brilliant. | Boatshed Brighton

Very pleased with all the service we’ve received from you.

- Tony, January 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Having decided to sell my boat I instructed Boatshed to sell the boat for me and was contacted by Sam. Initially I thought it quite expensive but did not have the time to sell the boat myself. The selling of the boat was far from straightforward and a few problems were encountered along the way. Sam dealt with these problems for me and if she could not then she would point me in the right direction. Sam kept me up to date and was brilliant during the whole process. Having looked back, the fee charged by boasted was well worth the money as had I had to sort out the problems myself I would probably still own the boat and would be pulling what little hair I have left out. Cannot recommend Sam enough.

- Mark Burgess | Boatshed Portsmouth