Just reduced by 20,000 US$ this is a must see for anybody looking for a well cared for well equipped ocean capable yacht. First launched in June 1991 this Robert Dufour designed double ender is a proven, strong, cruising yacht with Airex composite construction ( Just look at the core samples ) and over sized rigging, she has visited 35 countries and covered 60,000 nautical miles. Well equipped and surprisingly roomy below her pilot house design provides for steering in the dry ( 2 x independent steering systems ) when conditions become unpleasant . 3 coats of epoxy were applied before launch in 1991 she spends 6 months each year on the hard. Neige d’ete is a first generation Corbin, what is probably referred to as MK1, but it was modified to correct the known weather helm by adding a half meter bow sprit that did not need a bob stay (the MK 2 has a one meter bow sprit). Also, the keel was extended to join the rudder skeg (about 20 years ago in Florida, USA). The double modification gave the correction needed for a better windward performance and reduced the weather helm found in the first generation. It also reinforced the rudder skeg and as a benefit eliminated the problem of catching fishing lines in the prop.