The 14th Clipper Round the World Yacht Race kicks off today at 4 p.m. from Southsea Castle in Portsmouth, UK. This grueling competition will involve 11 teams of over 700 crew members, hailing from 63 different countries, including 105 sailors from the USA (Go Eagles!)
Each team will man a 70-foot identical yacht as they embark on a 40,000-nautical-mile journey around the globe.

Participants have undergone weeks of intense training to prepare for this monumental challenge. The first leg of their journey will take them from Portsmouth to Cadiz, Spain, and then onward to Punta del Este in Uruguay.

While some crew members will partake in just one of the race's eight legs, others are committed to the full circumnavigation. Regardless of the duration, every participant will experience the thrill of crossing at least one ocean.

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