It’s good fun looking for Moody yachts for sale, racing yachts for sale, Jeanneau boats for sale and Etaps for sale in Essex. However, your dream boat may not come with a berth, and even if it does you may still like to look around for a different marina closer to home.

Are you looking for a pontoon berth, Valet berthing, Dutch berthing, a swinging mooring or dry berthing? Different options come at different prices. You will also need to consider what fees and facilities are included in the berthing fee.

Would you expect toilets, showers, laundry and a convenience store on site? Some places provide full boatyard services and Bosun's storage lockers.

The price of shoreline electric can vary depending on location. In some marinas you will pay as you go with tokens or coins. In others there may be additional charges if you use more than a certain amount of electricity. It is worth checking whether you can buy diesel and gas on site and if so what is the price? There may also be a separate charge for sewage disposal, especially if your vessel has a pump out tank. Is it important to you that the marina has a chandlery, a bar or a club house? Or would the thought of a particularly sociable marina disturb the tranquillity you are looking for?

You may also need to budget for extra services like Wi-Fi. If you need a good internet connection it is worth asking people who are already berthed there what the signal is like. If you’re planning to work from your boat this could be essential. If you are looking for a marina that allows living aboard you need to be aware that not all marinas allow this. Some have conditions about how many days per week you can stay on your boat.

When you’ve considered all of the services you think you will require you will be able to calculate a more accurate budget of the cost of your berth.

Ideally it would be great if you get the opportunity to chat to somebody who already moors at the marina you are considering. Ask them about the pros and cons. Hidden disadvantages can include noise disturbances, lack of public transport or a car park miles from your boat.

Marinas can vary in the security they provide so consider how important it is to you that the place has CCTV and is locked up securely at night. The location may also affect your decision on this. Will you be looking for something close to where you live, or are you happy to travel to your boat? If there are particular waterways or parts of the coast line that you want to explore then location may be a deciding factor for you.

Finally, if you’ve done your research and have found a marina with a suitable berth available check what the minimum time commitment is; in case for some unforeseen reason you’re not happy there and want to make a quick getaway!

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