Wavestream launches mobile surface oil spill system

Wavestream, which specialises in environmental protection filter technology, has developed the DuoCart, a standalone, portable system for fast action when dealing with accidental fuel and oil spills. 

The system is designed specifically for marinas, ports, dockyards, canals and rivers but can also be used from within vessels or from contaminated land where rainwater has mixed with diesel. The DuoCart can be operated by one person and is lightweight and mobile for agile deployment.

If fuel, oil or another pollutant spill occurs, the user can wheel the DuoCart to the location and start cleaning up immediately. This avoids the need for other forms of intervention or onshore disposal, and the use of spill response materials which then require disposal.

According to the manufacturer, a suction lance is used to suck the polluted water up, which is then passed through the dual Wavestream filter systems, removing any pollutants including micro-plastics, and returns filtered clean water back into the waterway or drains.

The filters in the DuoCart have a long service life, depending on usage and once saturated, can be easily removed, disposed of appropriately and replaced. 

The DuoCart utilises a particulate pre-filter and a high-capacity Wavestream filter, which is manufactured to Lloyds Register Standards, and has a flow rate of between 20-50 litres per minute depending on the pump. They are fitted on a manoeuvrable cart, which also contains the suction lance and outlet hoses, and operates either via a nearby DC power source or by using its own battery power.

Paul Gullett of Wavestream says: “This product was developed as a result of demand from marina operators and dockyards who have seen and used our proven Wavesteam bilge filters systems in vessels. We were asked why we couldn’t create a portable product to deal with accidental spills in the waterways or on land. After some development work, and trials to prove its success, we are now delighted to be launch the DuoCart internationally.”

The DuoCart is available through Wave International.